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In the rare situation that more than one event is triggered, officers should attempt to respond to these events with the following priority:  
In the rare situation that more than one event is triggered, officers should attempt to respond to these events with the following priority:  
# Fed
# Federal Reserve robbery
# Bank
# Bank of Altis robbery
# Prison
# Prison Break
# Evidence Lockup Robbery
# Evidence Lockup robbery
== <font color="green">Vehicles</font> ==
== <font color="green">Vehicles</font> ==

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Use of Force and Lethals

Officers are expected to always have less-than-lethal ammunition (a.k.a. rubber bullets or downing rounds) loaded when on patrol.

The use of lethal force is justified when:

  1. Ordered by the highest ranking officer at the scene that is Sergeant or higher.
  2. If only Corporals or Constables are on scene, then they must seek permission to go lethal from the highest ranking SGT+ who is on the server.
  3. If no SGT+ is on the server, then the Constables and Corporals on scene must take a unanimous vote to go lethal
  4. If there is 1 minute remaining until server restart and there is not enough time to transfer the suspect to the nearest HQ or Prison.
  5. To kill the gunner of a .50 cal offroad, armed Jeep, and armed Qilin.
  6. To kill gunners that are on the benches of a Hummingbird Helicopter or in the back of an Offroad/Prowler/Quilin if the gunners are actively firing on officers.
  7. To kill a suspect that is in an unreachable location.

The use of Flashbangs:

  1. Flashbang grenades are restricted to the rank of Constable and higher.
  2. Flashbang grenades must only be used for combat situations. They may never be used for civilian crowd control or fun.
  3. Flashbang grenades may never be used to intentionally disable or destroy a vehicle.

The use of Spike Strips:

  1. Spikestrips can be placed by cops of any rank in order to take out a suspect's tires.
  2. Use care when placing them, do not leave spike-strips unattended anywhere that an unsuspecting civilian may hit them.

Bank of Altis, Federal Reserve, Prison and Evidence Lockup

Federal Reserve robberies, Bank robberies, Prison Breaks and Evidence Lockup robberies are the top priority of every officer. When any are in progress, all APD officers must attempt to finish what they are doing as quickly as possible and respond. All officers are required to respond to the Fed, Bank, or Prison for two lives.

If you know a Robbery or Prison Break is incoming, do not be afraid to prepare for it. You are allowed to have officers stationed at these locations at any time. However, try to keep camping these areas to a minimum if it means neglecting your other duties and standard patrol.

Federal Reserve Robberies

If there is an active Federal Reserve robbery going on, officers may not seize gold bars out of the vehicle unless there is a 1 minute all clear. If the vehicle manages to escape the Federal Reserve and is stopped in route to a rebel outpost, then the officers will have to wait for the one minute all clear call and seize the gold into a police vehicle.

Prison Breaks

If a prison break succeeds and any escaped prisoners are detained, they should be sent back to jail to finish their sentence.

Assisting in and initiating a prison break are not automatic straight to jail charges. Any suspect who intiates and/or participates in breaking people out of prison may be sent straight to jail at the officer's discretion. This includes anyone with the Prison Conspiring charge.

Response Priority

In the rare situation that more than one event is triggered, officers should attempt to respond to these events with the following priority:

  1. Federal Reserve robbery
  2. Bank of Altis robbery
  3. Prison Break
  4. Evidence Lockup robbery


If police are chasing a suspect in a vehicle and they maintain visual on the suspect, they may pursue that suspect anywhere on the map. As soon as visual is lost, officers are restricted to normal patrol policy.

The use of vehicles as stationary blockades is acceptable, however rolling barricades or PIT maneuvers are NOT allowed.

Officers may only ram armored vehicles (Hunter, Strider and Ifrit) against other armored vehicles. The only exception to this is when vehicles are blocking access to the Prison, Bank, or Federal Reserve.

Officers may drive civilian vehicles if the owner of the vehicle gives them permission. If a civilian vehicle is in the way (for example blocking a road or entrance to an area), you are allowed to move it slightly such that it is out of the way without permission.


Rules of engagement for Helicopters (Hovering or Flying) are as follows, audible sirens are NOT an acceptable method of initiation for helicopters. Officers of the APD are to initiate with helicopters that are hovering or flying by the following actions ONLY

  1. Text message to any occupants (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Passenger) with instructions
  2. Direct phone call to any occupants (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Passenger)


  • Sirens may ONLY be used when a helicopter is Grounded or Spooling up (starting up)
  • Helicopter in pursuit of helicopter may use sirens to initiate

Warning Shots:

  • When helicopters are flying around outside of the HQ's, warning shots will no longer be an acceptable way to initiate by APD standards.
  • If you wish to shoot at a helicopter outside of an HQ you MUST text any occupant first before shooting.
  • If Helicopters are hovering/flying around at an HQ then officers may use warning shots to deter the heli (still try and text pilot first if possible).
  • If the helicopter does not fly away after given a sufficient amount of time then all officers on scene may shoot at the heli.

Note: Binoculars can be used to identify "Unknown" players in a helicopter

Combat with Helicopters: Be sure to follow all procedures during combat with another helicopter to avoid breaking server rules and APD procedures.

  • If you down or kill the pilot of a helicopter and it crashes, you are to pardon the pilot and passengers inside.
  • If you disable the helicopter (e.g. tail rotor) and it crashes, you are not responsible for the deaths.


A minimum of 3 officers is required to operate a checkpoint. At least one officer must be a Constable or higher. A marked police car with emergency lights on must be placed at the entrance of each gate.

If you are manning a checkpoint, explain to each civilian that they must consent to their vehicle and person being searched if they want to be allowed through the checkpoint. If they decline, you must send them back the way they came.

A civilian denying a search at a checkpoint does NOT give officers probable cause.

If you see a vehicle purposely going around the checkpoint to avoid it, you gain probable cause. If instead they do a 180 and drive back on the road they came in on, you do NOT gain probable cause.

Checkpoint Barriers, Road Cones, Bar Gates

The usage of Checkpoint placable objects (such as: concrete barriers short & long, road barriers, bar gates, road cones) shall only be used at checkpoints. It is permissible to use these items to create an ad-hoc checkpoint, however usage of these items in any area outside of checkpoints is forbidden.