Evidence Lockup

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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end-game objectives. The tactics you use, such as your team, your movements, and your weaponry will be left to your discretion.

Map location for the Evidence Lockup

Evidence Lockup

This is an APD lockup that contains all weapons seized by the APD. Rebels are able to raid this compound with a team of other rebels in order to score the guns. This, of course, will require great levels of preparation and teamwork to pull off. The Evidence Locker cannot be robbed whilst a Bank or Federal Reserve is being robbed


  • Demo-charges
    • These can be purchased from any Rebel Outpost
  • Great deal of experience (recommended)
  • Large gang/group (recommended)
  • Armoured vehicles (recommended)


  1. Hack the Electric Fence computer to disable the security surrounding the compound
  2. Locate the large white dome in the center of the compound
  3. Plant a demo charge on the bomb rack in front to breach the dome
  4. Secure the HEMTT filled with the evidence and escape police forces

While you are raiding the compound, you must defend from the police force attempting to restore security power at the generator. This will end the robbery if they succeed.

Unique Loot

Below is loot only obtainable from the compound and cannot be purchased at any store.

  • RPG launcher tubes and their rockets
  • RPK 7.62 light machine guns
  • Zafir 7.62 heavy machine guns

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