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To begin your career as a fisherman there are a few items you must obtain.

  • Backpack: You are going to want to get yourself a backpack of some description to begin with. This can be purchased from the local gear shop. There is one in every major city on Altis.
  • Boat: To be able to fish you will also need some sort of vessel to take you out to sea and also store some of you fresh fish. You can purchase a boat from a boat shop. These are situated in different locations on the island.


The following talents can also be added to help you out whilst fishing.

  • Something Fishy - Reach increased by 2m when fishing by hand.
    • Piscator - 45m fishing radius.
      • Trawler - 60m fishing radius.


Below outlines the steps to start fishing on Asylum.

  1. Purchase or pull out your boat from the boat garage.
  2. You can then drive your boat out away from the shore, and the distance is dependent on which talents you have. If you have no talents it is 30m away, 45m with Piscator and 60m with the Trawler talent.
  3. You can then drop your fishing net. This can be done by using the scroll wheel action menu. Once your fishing net is full, an on-screen notification will appear saying "Fishing net pulled up". When you see this, you may repeat by dropping your fishing net again.
  4. As you catch more fish your virtual inventory space will decrease. This is shown in the top right corner of your phone screen. The size of your backpack reflects how much fish you are able to store.
  5. Once you have filled your backpack, you may exit the boat and press "T". This opens the boat's virtual inventory. You can then empty your fish from your backpack into your boat to allow for further storage.
  6. Repeat these steps until you have filled up your boat and backpack inventory.
  7. Once this is completed, you should drive your boat to a nearby fish market and proceed to sell your fresh catch. You should then proceed to store your money at the nearest ATM.


Below are average profits for individual runs and profit per hour. Fishing is a good starter job to get some early income. It is often adopted by early players as it is low risk.

  • $5,000 per run.
  • $36,000 per hour.

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