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You’re probably here to figure out how to register for an account on the Asylum Forums. You’ll need an account to apply for cop, report a player, or ask for compensation, etc. You can also join gangs, post memorable moments in game, or chat with our community. Server rules apply on the Forums as well.

Player ID

This is your unique ID linked to your Steam account. It identifies you as a player and stores all your information about your character in our database.

You’ll need it to register, and fill out multiple forms across the forums.

We specifically use your Steam64 ID; that is a 17 digit number starting with 765.

To locate this number, you may try any of these methods:

  • From the ARMA 3 main menu, select the silhouette in the top right corner, chose the unit tab, press edit, and select the custom option in the drop down.


Account Creation

Now that you have your Player ID, follow these steps to get registered.

Head over to our forum registration website here.

Fill out the required information and you're all set!

Useful Links

Visit these only after you've registered and are logged into the forums.

Additional Notes

  • Since your account is new, if you try to post something like a topic or reply, it will show that your content is pending approval.
    • Do not worry, an admin will approve your post shortly. This is to combat spam.
  • When filing a report or making an application, you MUST use the provided template for your post and fill out all the information it asks for.