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First of all, welcome to the Asylum community and we hope this guide will help you start out! This guide will hopefully cover every topic you will get confronted with as a new player. If you have any questions, you can always ask other players in game, search the Asylum Wiki or create a topic on the Asylum forums.

Before playing, we highly recommend creating an account on the Asylum Forums and optionally introducing yourself. You can find lots of additional information there too. This account will also help you fill out any forms or applications.


Unfortunately, at times, there might be someone that breaks a server rule, a hacker messes up the server, or your game bugs out. We highly recommend recording all of your gameplay (with a recommended video length of 5 minutes) to report any rule violations or request compensation from a server issue or to even protect yourself from a report against you. This will serve as the best evidence in all of your reports and will greatly aid our staff in assisting you in troubles. Recommended recording programs include ShadowPlay,OBS and

Server Rules

Before you play on our servers, review our Server Rules, you can be reported if you break them and might be punished for doing so. Our Staff will review reports carefully and take action appropriately, if you are banned you can submit an appeal.

Arma 3 Basics

If you are new to ARMA 3 and haven’t figured out the basics of ARMA 3 controls, combat ect. It might be a good idea to start a boot camp from the ARMA 3 main menu. This will quickly walk you through the information you need to know.

Spawn screen

Here you will choose the location (city/house) you will spawn at.

Spawn Menu.png

Logging into our servers for the first time will give you $10000 starting cash.

Kavala is the city of beginning players but it doesn’t make it the best city to start off at. While it may have a large population, be wary of crimes.

You may also familiarise yourself with our Altis map and locations.

Role Play

While Asylum is a light RP server, it is recommended (and required at times) to role play. Freely use your imagination but always follow server rules.


While vocal Direct Chat will probably be the way you interact with other civilians the most, there are other useful chats, accessible by pressing <,> on your keyboard.

Side Chat - This is the global chat for only your faction (Civilian, Police, Medic). This chat is useful for asking questions or long distance communication. Be sure to follow server rules when using it.

Group Chat - This chat is specific to your formed group or gang. Outside players cannot see this.

Vehicle chat - This chat is for all occupants of a vehicle. It is useful when Direct Chat is too quiet inside.

Useful Key bindings

U - Unlock/lock vehicles and doors (As long as you have keys to the vehicle/the house).

Y - Brings up your cell phone. It has many useful applications on it.

T - Access Virtual Inventory (Look at a vehicle/crate and press T to open the menu).

Caps Lock - Voice chat (Make sure you’re talking in the right channel else people will not hear you). This is the only Asylum key bind you can change in Arma 3 settings.

Scroll wheel - Used for most interactions (Medical, player, gather actions) around the island.

H - Holsters your weapon. You may press 1 or 2 on your keyboard to bring them out again.

Tab - Raises your hands. At times you may be asked by criminals, bounty hunters, or the Police to raise your hands.

2x Left Ctrl - Lowers your weapon so that you are not pointing it at other players. Press again to raise it.

Custom Action 10 - Puts in earplugs. You must set the lowered volume first in the phone settings.

You also have other useful keybinds possible via Custom Controls.


While playing on Asylum you will gain experience to level up and get a talent point.

Talents allow you to do certain things in game, or help you make money.

There are a total of 19 talent points and there are 56 talents, so you will have to pick wisely. But do not worry, you can always unlearn a talent at all times using your phone, it will charge you for $1500 directly from your bank account.


While you may freely walk around the island, you may want to travel using vehicles.

For new players, your best choices will be a quad, offroad, or hatchback.

Vehicles can be purchased, stored, and pulled out at the DMV of all cities. You will have to pay a small garage fee for them except for the quad.

More information on vehicles can be found here.


At this point, you may want to know how to make money or what to do in game. The main page of the wiki has many detailed guides on Asylum mechanics.

These guides are useful for content later in game for new players. If it is your very first time on the asylum we recommend starting off on the Fishing Guide and moving your way up to harder things as you get the funding.

As a new player, manage your money wisely. We recommend using our Money Management Guide to keep you funded throughout your experience.


Certain actions and illegal items may put a bounty on your player.

You will be sought after by Bounty Hunters and the Police. You may turn yourself into the Police or pay off your bounty at a courthouse.

At times, crimes may land you in Prison.

If you are interested in your rights as a civilian and information on crime, visit our APD Guidebook.


Asylum life can vary greatly. You are free to choose how you play the game. Below are certain factions and their abilities.


Rebel - Criminal civilians who like to cause havoc on the island. They get their own outposts and set of talents.

Bounty Hunter - Crime fighting vigilantes who hunt criminals for a cash prize. Come with their own outposts and set of talents.

Paramedics - Lifesavers around the island that can respond to medical emergencies. They have their own talents and utilize the hospital. This is a whitelisted slot requiring an application. They have a set of rules and guidelines to follow. To access this faction, select the Independent (Green) side from the server lobby.

Police - The Asylum Police Department (APD) serves its citizens to protect them and fight crime. This is a whitelisted slot requiring an application. They have a set of rules and guidelines to follow to protect civilian rights. To access this faction, select the BLUFOR (Blue) side from the server lobby AFTER being whitelisted.

Important notes

  • If you die, you will drop your virtual inventory and any cash on hand. Other players may pick this up. If you are not revived, you will permanently lose any Arma 3 gear you had on (clothes/weapons).
  • You should deposit cash on hand to the nearest ATM found around the island.
  • Purchases will require cash on hand, unless you obtain a debit card from a Atm (Free).