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This guide will cover all things prison related. You may skip to the bottom for the prison break guide!

Going to jail

After committing a crime on Altis you will often receive what is known as a bounty. After receiving a bounty you have a few options to get rid of it, either by paying your ticket or by serving your sentence in prison. There are several ways to be sent to prison - these are listed below.

  1. Handing yourself in. Going to any Courthouse and selecting "Turn self in (Prison)"
  2. Caught by a bounty Hunter.
  3. Caught by Police.
  4. Admin Punishment.


The Prison offers many things including Prisoner Uniforms, Basket Ball, Weight Lifting, Stabbing Fellow inmates, an Insane Asylum and creating License Plates which will reduce your bail price

Jail Time

The calculation for jail time is heavily dependent on the charges and bounty when being sent to jail. Also, it is dependent on which faction sent you there.

Maximum Time

  • 45 minutes when you turn yourself in or an APD Officer sends you to prison.
  • 60 minutes when a Bounty Hunter has the talent Apex Predator.
  • 5 minute increments when sent to jail by an Admin as punishment.

The time spent in prison is calculated by which charges you have before going to jail. It is NOT based on price.

Note: Prison time is increased if you log off whilst in restraints as a punishment for combat logging. (You will not be punished for server restarts)

Requesting a Trial/Jury Duty

Requesting a trial is done at the white sign inside the main building beside the Press Machine. Additionally, you are able to queue up for a game of Laser Tag from this sign which can be played while serving your sentence,

Accepted Trial

Congratulations your trial has been accepted, it will take a few minutes to collect the jury members. At this point once the court has been assembled you will be taken to the jury room to plead your case for 1 Minute after the time has been elapsed you will be taken out of the room and the Jury will decide your fate. Jury members are paid $2000 for their time. Gang or Group members will not be able to attend your trial.

Denied Trial

A trial can often be denied for several reasons:

  1. Impending restart.
  2. Bounty less than $5000.
  3. Time left to serve less than 10 minutes.
  4. A trial already in session.
  5. Already had your day in court. You are unable to request two trials in one stay at the prison.

Paying Bail

Once you have found yourself at the prison you are able to pay to be let out. Your bail price is set in the top right corner of your screen find the White Sign and select "Pay bail"

To lower your bail price you first need Metal Sheets. These can be collected at the Dumpster Next to the white tents.

Once you have collected your Metal Sheets, take them to the Press Machine, and after successful completion of plate pressing your bail will be reduced by up to $2800.

Note: Bail Price can not be lower than $1500 no matter how many plates you press.

Prison 2.png

Altis Home for the Criminally Insane

This part of the prison is exclusively for prisoners who can not be in general population namely Cannibals. To be classified as a cannibal you must have Human Organs on your person or vehicle when an APD Officer arrests you. Being sent to this special section of the prison will leave you in a locked building meaning you are unable to

  1. Pay Bail.
  2. Press Plates.
  3. Interact with most inmates.
  4. Escape during a prison break.
  5. Request a Trial.

This section of the prison is notably boring as you are forced into exile to think about what you have done.

Prison Break Guide


  • Not be currently in prison.
  • Any weapon
  • Lockpicks
  • Optional: Bolt Cutters


  1. (Optionally) Disable the power at the power station. Disabling the power makes it quicker for you to disable the building security and hack the gate power.
  2. Disable the building security. Doing this alerts the guards at the prison, who will then position themselves to defend the interior of the prison. Take note of the red area on your mini-map once this step is initiated. Being inside the prison complex but not inside the red zone will re-position you to the front of the prison.
  3. Hack the gate power. This opens the gate in the back of the main prison building. Once this step is completed, the backup generators will be turned on in 4 minutes (which will trap you inside if you are still there).
  4. Turn to the right and lockpick the first gate. You must have a lockpick in your inventory to do this!
  5. Go under the catwalk and lockpick the second gate. You must have a lockpick in your inventory to do this!
  6. You now have 60 seconds to leave the prison complex before the power is restored and all gates and buildings go back to a lock down status. If you fail to get out, you will have to find a way out of the prison (of which there are 2). Prisoners are prompted when they are able to leave the facility once they have left they will be charged with "Escaping Prison"

Here is what a successful prison looks like ((In this one we did not disable the power))File:Https:// 3kfg8QLs4

Additional Information

If you cut the power, then you need to ensure that the guards and/or APD are unable to restore power to the prison. If the APD can hold the laptop area for 60 seconds, then they can restore power to the prison effectively ending the prison break and trapping all the perpetrators inside. Additionally, if the guards can make their way to the backup generators inside the prison, then they can enable the backup power which will end the prison break and trap the perpetrators inside.

Additionally, there are other gates that can be lock picked to allow the prison break force different angles at which to attack the guards.

If you decide to go the route of disabling the prison power, then the overall prison break can be accomplished in 6.5 minutes (plus the time it takes to run from spot to spot). This assumes you have the power and main prison area manned, and can quickly move from station to station.

If you decide not to disable the power, then it will take you 9.5 minutes (plus the time it takes to run from spot to spot) to complete the prison break.



To build a shank you must search the prison for Duct Tape and a metal sheet found in the Dumpster you can then craft the shank which will allow you to down fellow inmates.

Prison Locations

The prison has moved about a bit since Asylum first started. Below are some of its previous locations.

  • Kavala
  • Sofia Salt Flats
  • Between Donor & The Air field

The prison is currently located at the Pyrgos Island.