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This guide will cover all things prison related. You may skip to the bottom for the prison break guide!

Going to jail

After committing a crime on Altis you will often receive what is known as a bounty. After receiving a bounty you have a few options to get rid of it, either by paying your ticket or by serving your sentence in prison. There are several ways to be sent to prison - these are listed below.

  1. Handing yourself in. Going to any Courthouse and selecting "Turn self in (Prison)"
  2. Caught by a bounty Hunter.
  3. Caught by Police.
  4. Admin Punishment.


The Prison offers many things including Prisoner Uniforms, Basket Ball, Weight Lifting, Stabbing Fellow inmates with Shanks, an Insane Asylum and creating License Plates which will reduce your bail price

Jail Time

The calculation for jail time is heavily dependent on the charges and bounty when being sent to jail.

Maximum Time

  • 25 minutes when you turn yourself in or an APD Officer sends you to prison.
  • Maximum time is issued when sent to jail by an Admin as punishment.

The time spent in prison is calculated by which charges you have before going to jail. It is NOT based on price.

Note: Prison time is increased if you log off whilst in restraints as a punishment for combat logging. (You will not be punished for server restarts)

Paying Bail

Once you have found yourself at the prison you are able to pay to be let out. Your bail price is set in the top right corner of your screen find the White Sign and select "Pay bail"

To lower your bail price you first need Metal Sheets. These can be collected at the Dumpster Next to the white tents.

Once you have collected your Metal Sheets, take them to the Press Machine, and after successful completion of plate pressing your bail will be reduced by up to 200 seconds.

Prison 2.png

Altis Home for the Criminally Insane

This part of the prison is exclusively for prisoners who can not be in general population namely Cannibals. To be classified as a cannibal you must have Human Organs on your person or vehicle when an APD Officer arrests you. Being sent to this special section of the prison will leave you in a locked building meaning you are unable to

  1. Pay Bail.
  2. Press Plates.
  3. Interact with most inmates.
  4. Escape during a prison break.

This section of the prison is notably boring as you are forced into exile to think about what you have done.

Prison Break Guide


  • Any weapon
  • Orca or a Vehicle you can escape with.
  • Group With At least 4-8 People {Sometimes can be less}


  1. Start by uploading virus on the computer in the barracks building in the front of the Prison.
  3. You will need to fight off and Defend The APD Until You get message "The Prison Break has succeeded".
  4. Get To Your Escape Vehicle an Leave the Prison Area Unless you Want to Stay an Fight.

Additional Information

If you choose to escape jail if you are a prisoner you will be given a "Escaping Jail" charge an Will Be sent straight back if caught by the APD.



To build a shank you must search the prison for Duct Tape and a metal sheet found in the Dumpster you can then craft the shank which will allow you to down fellow inmates.

Prison Locations

The prison is currently located at the Pyrgos Island.