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# Kidnapping   
# Kidnapping   
# Weapons Trafficking                       
# Weapons Trafficking                       
== <font style="color:purple;">Parole</font> ==
The following are the criteria in which a suspect is eligible for parole:
# If a suspect is evasive and/or aggressive, their bounty must be between $2,500 and $25,000 to qualify for parole.
# If a suspect turns themselves in outside of combat, they will be eligible for parole regardless of bounty size.
# Do not issue parole to any of your gang mates, associates, or friends.
# Do not issue parole to any individuals that are already on parole.  Do not pardon then reissue tickets to place them on parole.  You may be punished for it.
An officer may refuse to issue parole if they wish.
Note: Parole is intended to be a reward for good role play. These are the rules of parole, they are not guidelines. Any officer found to be handing out parole outside of these rules may have disciplinary action taken against them.
== <font style="color:purple;">One Minute Procedure</font> ==
== <font style="color:purple;">One Minute Procedure</font> ==

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Once you have a suspect detained, you should talk to the suspect and discuss their actions and charges. Officers must give a civilian sufficient time to explain their crimes and the civilian should not feel rushed.

Civilians that make good attempts to roleplay should be rewarded with a reduced ticket or a pardon based on the officers discretion. If you feel someone is not giving you sufficient roleplay, then question them more about their story.

Officers may use the suspect's criminal record to see if they are a repeat offender or to supplement their roleplay. However, their criminal record should never be used to change the price of their ticket.


You are allowed to search a civilian and any vehicle(s) they have keys to if you have probable cause or the civilian consents to a search. This applies even in combat.

If a civilian needs to be searched only to check their licenses (and you otherwise do not have probable cause) you must ignore any other contraband that you find. This is the roleplaying equivalent of only checking their wallet and not their backpack/pockets.

If you encounter an abandoned vehicle and the primary owner is wanted for $2,500 or more, you may search the vehicle. Otherwise, impound the vehicle.


An area must be deemed "All Clear" by the highest ranking officer on the scene before any vehicles can be impounded or seized. However vehicles may be seized in combat if you are at the HQ.

You may search/seize contraband from a player or vehicle at any time or place, even if in combat.

You may only seize a vehicle which has over $5,000 worth of contraband in it if the suspect is aggressive and/or evasive. If the suspect is compliant, does not shoot back, and cooperates fully with APD officers, you are not allowed to seize their vehicle.

Seizing and impounding can occur before or after a ticket has been issued.

If there are no nearby police vehicles to put a civilian's contraband in, officers are allowed to drive the civilian's vehicle to the nearest HQ, checkpoint, or garage. Officers must then pull out a police vehicle, seize the contraband, and then continue to impound/seize the civilian's vehicle as normal. This does not apply to illegal vehicles, which should never be driven by an officer.

Vehicle Seizing (Lieutenant+)

Lieutenants+ can repair any illegal vehicle(s) and drive to the closest HQ for seizing.

These vehicles may not be used for any armor on armor attacks.

  • Only Lieutenants+ are allowed to drive these vehicles.
  • You are allowed to defend yourself if you are disabled or flipped.
  • No officers are allowed to man any of the vehicles’ weapons.


The APD has a ticket first jail second policy, meaning you should always attempt to give the suspect a ticket for their crimes.

If a criminal refuses their ticket, they may request additional chances to pay their ticket up to a maximum of three chances.

Civilians have the right to skip straight to their ticketing if they do not wish to roleplay. Make sure all searching and charging has been completed first.

Officers must read all of a civilian's charges to them before any ticketing can occur.

You do not need to read a civilian’s charges if:

  1. You or the HQ is under attack (shots don't have to be fired to be considered under attack).
  2. If the server has less than one minute until restart.
  3. If the suspect is acting in a harassing manner.

Ticket Price and reductions are influenced by the following:

  1. Suspects that are non-aggressive and non-evasive start with their ticket price at 50%.
  2. Constables and higher are allowed to decrease ticket prices based on the civilians roleplay and explanation of their crimes.
  3. Sergeants and higher may increase ticket prices by 50%, at their discretion.

The only charges you may stack are:

  1. Speeding
  2. Possession of Federal Gold Bars
  3. Money Laundering (Dirty Money)
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Weapons Trafficking

One Minute Procedure

Any suspect in custody within one minute until the server restart must be given a chance to pay their ticket.

Always warn the suspect that failure to pay their ticket will result in them being jailed or executed.

  • If you are inside of an HQ and they refuse the ticket, send them to jail.
  • If you are outside of an HQ and they refuse the ticket you have the option to execute them.


If the police force was automatically compensated by the server for catching or killing a criminal, then the suspect must be pardoned. If no compensation is received, the option to pardon is left to the officer's discretion.

If a suspect dies in APD custody as the direct result of APD actions, the suspect must be pardoned.

You are not allowed to pardon your civilian charges when you are playing as a police officer. (However, you can talk to the police about your bounty while playing civilian.)

Higher Up Requests

If a suspect requests to speak with a superior officer, you must respect their request. You are required to contact any officer currently on the server who has a higher rank than you, even if you think their reasons for a higher up are not legitimate. Remind the suspect that asking for a higher up forfeits their right to be detained for no more than ten minutes.

If the request is denied by the higher up, the higher up is required to message the individual stating that their request was denied.

Bounty Hunters

You should seize a Bounty Hunter's license if:

  1. You witness them commit a crime worth $2,500 or more (that they do not have roleplay justification for)
  2. They have a charge of "Bounty Hunter Execution".

Bounty Hunters who commit crimes are not sent straight to jail. A Bounty Hunter who is wanted should be questioned and given the opportunity to pay a ticket.

Bounty Hunters are required to have a Bounty Hunter's License to wield any Bounty Hunter specific weapons. If they are missing the licence, seize the weapon and charge them with "Possession of an Illegal Firearm”.

Police are only allowed to hand over a suspect if the suspect has been given a chance to pay a ticket and has refused to pay the ticket (up to a maximum of 3 chances). Officers must attempt to process any suspect that they have downed. If a bounty hunter restrains someone that an officer has already downed, it is the officer’s responsibility to retrieve the suspect from the bounty hunter.


If medics refuse to leave an area or stop assisting the rebels after being warned, you are within your rights to lethal them or send them to jail. They are considered enemies of the state.