Raiding Policies

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Rebel Outpost Raids

  • Must be issued by Lieutenant+
  • Rebel Outpost Raids require 3 officers and the Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenants must have probable cause or suspicion of activity to raid the outpost.
  • Raids can occur once per restart per Lieutenant.
  • If you are killed in a rebel raid you cannot return to that raid.

House Raiding

From time to time it will be necessary and appropriate for the APD to conduct raids on homes in the Asylum servers. This document is meant to outline the proper way to perform these raids. Raiding houses with a barricaded suspect is outlined at the bottom of this document. Also, these guidelines are for scenarios when the suspect is not in or around the premises of their house.

In order to search a house, you must have sufficient probable cause to obtain a warrant to search the premises.

Obtaining a House Search Warrant

This warrant is obtained by the following:

  • Seeing a person or persons in an illegal gathering or processing area, followed by them going to the house in question and entering and exiting the premises in a manner indicative of unloading illegal cargo into the storage of said house.
  • Seeing a highly wanted individual entering and exiting a house that you believe to be theirs. This person must be wanted for multiple manslaughter charges, bank robbery, escaping prison, or other high crimes. Someone wanted for small offenses such as VDM, attempted auto theft, grand theft, aiding escape from custody, etc. do not qualify for probable cause to search a house.
  • Seeing a person or persons with an illegal firearm entering said house.

You must have video or screenshot evidence to backup your claims of probable cause. Failure to do so may result in administrative or APD action taken against you. This will also allow the administrative staff to know that a proper raid was conducted on the home, and that the owner should not be compensated for the lost contents of the crates.

Also, the probable cause must come from the current server cycle, and can not be old information. Houses change hands, so we need to be sure we are raiding the correct house.

House Raids Procedure

Once you have obtained a warrant to search the house (this requires a LT+ to unlock the house), you may proceed to searching the house with the following procedure:

  1. You MUST contact the individual whose house you intend to raid and tell them they have 5 minutes to come to the house and surrender themselves in lieu of having the house searched. If the individual comes to the house and surrenders they must go and get either the weapon or drugs that the officer witnessed them put in there house and bring it to the Lt so that they may seize the item. They may respawn to the house to turn themselves in.
  2. After 5 minutes, if the individual has not surrendered themselves to the APD, then you may proceed with unlocking the house and taking all illegal items from the crates inside the house. SGT+ are to assist the LT in-charge of the raid securing the perimeter (door areas) while the LT in-charge conducts the raid.
  3. No staff member other than LT’s are allowed to conduct the house raid once the area is secure. No Cadets, Constables or Corporals are allowed in a house during a house raid. APD personnel failing to listen to the LT in-charge will be dealt with harshly.
  4. The homeowner may choose to not surrender themselves, but instead to defend their homes - this is their right. You have engaged in RP with them via a text message. The homeowner has only 5 minutes to come and defend their home, if they arrive later than that then they must re-initiate RP before engaging the APD officers on scene.
  5. Note, you may only use a house raid 1 time per server restart / per LT or Captain on the server. Do not empty the “Y” menu contents on the ground to then seize them, you must search the crate through standard means. The development staff wants us to have to make a choice of when we raid houses as they see housing as a safe haven of sorts for players. If we abuse this system, then it will likely be removed from us. This should be a rarity, but something that we have the option of doing.
  6. There is a new life rule for the police during these raids. It is likely that the suspect will choose to defend their home, so please prepare accordingly. Make sure you have people around that can revive officers if there is a gunfight. Also, if the suspect chooses to respawn in the home to defend it, then the scenario is now that of a barricaded suspect and the NLR discussed above is void.

Barricaded Suspects

A barricaded suspect is defined as a person who is actively wanted or shooting from within a locked house and poses an immediate threat to the life of officers or the civilian population.

  • You should have initiation before breaching the house.
  • You should announce in direct that you are breaching/raiding the house then proceed.
  • If you do not have the intent to search/seize crates then you do NOT have to wait to breach the house.
  • Searching/Seizing crates is up to the LT’s discretion. Only the LT in charge of the scene is allowed to search or seize from crates.
  • If you are anticipating on searching/seizing crates you must give the civilian a reasonable chance to surrender before making entry. E.G. "This is the APD, if you do not surrender then your home will be raided" If the civilian fails to immediately comply or continues to be a threat to officers and the civilian population you may make entry, down the suspect, and proceed with the search and seizing. Should the civilian immediately comply and surrender you may NOT search the crates. If your intent is to search/seize a barricaded suspect you must have the same video evidence as a house raid.

If you are not going to search or seize the crates:

  • Once the locked house with an active shooter has been identified you may unlock the doors of the house and make entry.
  • Once the barricaded suspect is downed immediately remove the suspect from the house and re lock the doors.

Constable/Corporal/Sergeant Home Entry

  • If a suspect is barricaded inside a locked home that is actively shooting endangering the lives of others, Constables, Corporals and Sergeants, may purchase flashbangs to blow up the locked home to gain entry to the suspect shooting ONLY if there is no LT+ online. This can only be done if the suspect is SHOOTING from the home. If there is a locked suspect in a home who is not shooting at officers or civilians, you do not have cause to blow it up. The officers will have to resume normal procedures for suspects in locked homes or contact an offline LT to gain entry.
  • Officers can ONLY use flashbangs to blow up locked homes to retrieve a suspect actively shooting. If an officer blows up a home using anything else besides a flashbang, it will fall under Misuse of APD equipment.
  • If an officer blows up a house that does not follow these guidelines, he/she will be given 6 points for Unlawful home entry and removed from the APD. This will be added to the IA section of the WIKI. These points also applies to officers who search/seize the items of a crate/barrel after blowing up the home. Under no circumstance whatsoever is the officer supposed to interact with the crates/barrels. The only time crates can be seized/searched is if an LT conducts proper house raiding procedures.

Other Stipulations:

  • All civilians should be denied access to the house.
  • The NLR for house raids does not apply to barricaded suspect situations.
  • Failure to follow this document will end in punishment.