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Congratulations! If you are reading this it means you have just recently passed your Interview and exam or have passed your Ride along and are enjoying your newly found rank of Cadet/Constable in the APD! Below we will outline all the essential tools for being a successful APD Member. For the Constables please feel free to skip down to the "Passed my RA and I'm now a Constable! Now What?" Section of the guide.

Setting up/Before logging in

Setting up Key Binds

Before you head out on patrol its best to set up a few Key binds and custom controls.

Pre-Existing keys are ones that you don't need to set up but should be aware of.

  • F - Toggles Siren when in the driver's seat of a vehicle.
  • H - Holsters/Unholster's your weapon.
  • 1 - Opens up the wanted Menu to see who has a bounty
  • L - Turns on the speed radar. Be aware you will need to have your P07 out for it to work.

Custom controls are set by hitting the escape key > Clicking Configure > Followed by Controls > From the drop down menu select "Custom controls" > Finally assign your desired key to the use action.

  • Use Action 9 - Use spike strips.
  • Use Action 11 - Consume Red Gulls. (Red Gull's allow you to sprint for 3mins)
  • Use Action 12 - Earplugs, When toggled ON: Earplugs reduce the volume of all in game sounds except for voice. For example, if a helicopter is nearby, simply enabling your earplugs will enable you to hear civilians

(Earplug volume can be controlled within the Phone Menu's "Settings" App).

Setting up Voice over net

Setting this up will allow you to speak in game while reading someone's charges.

Escape > Configure > Multiplayer > Voice Over Net > Double tap "Caps lock" if you did it correctly it will look like 2xCaps Lock

Now when reading off charges you won't have to close the menu to speak.

Setting up Team-speak and Discord

Make sure you have Push to talk set up!

Open Team-speak Settings > Options > Capture. Select Push-To-Talk and bind a key.

The Team-speak IP is ts3.gaming-asylum.com:9216


Discord is the only offical backup communications when TeamSpeak is down and must be used if playing cop when TS is unavailable.

Join the Asylum Discord https://www.discord.gg/gamingasylum

To become whitelisted join #link_app_here_for_acess channel and post a link to your application there and a Lt will give you permissions.

It is highly recommended to use the desktop version of discord.

Familiarize yourself with both the rules and the guidebook

Before getting in game you need to be 100% on both the server rules and APD rules. However it is assumed that if you are reading this you passed the cadet exam and have the tools and skills required to go in game.

Guidebook link: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/APD_Dashboard

Getting in Game

You have successfully set up your controls and are ready to enter the Asylum. The first thing you should do is get into team-speak scroll down to the cop channel and go to your desired precinct, your precinct is determined by which server you intend to log onto. (Server 1 = Precinct 1) Look through the channels and find yourself a constable or higher rank. Enter the channel and wait for a pause in the conversation and politely ask if you can join them. 90% of the time they will say yes but if for some reason they are unwilling to take a cadet simply go on to the next constable. As a cadet if no constables or higher are available you will be unable to play until one is available and willing to take you.

Once you have found a constable they will tell you which HQ to spawn at. Never leave the HQ without your constable or explicit permission to do so, both you and the constable are responsible for your actions while out on patrol. If it is your first day as cadet please inform them. The Constable+ will guide you and is there to assist you in becoming a full member of the APD feel free to ask questions and do your best to learn as a cadet.

Talent Points/ Gearing up

While you wait at the HQ for your constable to pick you up, it is a good idea to get yourself proper equipment. As a cadet you will have one talent point available to you. As you play you will earn more points ((Impounding vehicles, Role-playing, Processing fugitives ect.))

  • You can purchase cosmetic and unlocked protective items such as glasses and vests from the Uniform shop
  • You may purchase unlocked firearms and ammo from the Weapons shop
  • In addition food and other assorted goods from the Items Shop
  • Equipment such as Binoculars can be purchased at the Equipment shop

All Police HQ's have these shops.

Note: If you are changing your load-out and drop gear on the ground, you must seize it! This is done by looking at the equipment on the ground and using the scroll wheel option to seize.

The recommended route for spending talent points is as follows

Show of Force: This will allow you to get a MK-20 or Spar 16 rifle.

Show of Force 2: Able to purchase the MXC and SDAR (Constable only), While not useful to you it is required to get the next talent which is extremely important.

Prudent: Able to purchase protective tactical vest. The police tac-vest is a lvl 2 armor and is extremely protective from 9mm rounds.

Next after getting your protective vest you will want to be able to heal your self and other officers with the medic tree.

First Aid: Can use blood bag to heal up to 80 health.

First Aid Level B: Can use blood bag to heal up to 90 health.

First Aid Level C: Can use blood bag to heal up to 100 health.

First Aid Level D: Ability to fix broken legs with a splint.

Combat Medic: Can revive unconscious player with a defibrillator.

After the medic tree you will want to repair faster.

Mechanic: You can now repair vehicles without the use of tools

Grease Monkey: Increased speed when repairing.

These are the "Standard" talents which every cop has or should have. After learning those talents the rest are up to personal preference. Anything from increased payout to knowing when a fugitive accesses an ATM. As a cadet you will get a maximum of 20 talent points.

Pro Tips for Cadets

  • Take the Silencer off of your P07 and attach it to your protector
  • You are able to purchase a police quad bike for 150$. You are able to lend it to civilians so they can leave the HQ however do remember that it is a privilege for them to have it and not a right. If you believe that they are going to use it to run over cops or destroy it. Do not give it to them.
  • The processing Officer always has the last say when deciding a final ticket price keep in mind if the wanted player turned themselves in you must give a half ticket at minimum.

Example of how to process a player

In this example a player has begun a store robbery and is armed with a rook and ammo. He is alone and robbing the store, you and your constable drive down with sirens on. Upon your arrival the player takes multiple shots at the police cruiser however does not hit anyone. You exit the vehicle downing the robber and restrain him ending the store robbery.

Now that the player is in custody ask a simple question to get the conversation going as you escort them to the police cruiser. Keep in mind that while you are downed you may be unable to talk so the player may or may not respond immediately. After escorting them to the vehicle put them down and tell them you will be searching their person and their vehicle if they have one nearby. This search comes up empty except for a little bit of stolen money from the store and a rook. The money automatically will get seized and split among online cops. At this point notify the player you will be taking their rook and politely ask the Constable in game to apply the charge "Attempted Manslaughter". While the constable adds the charge, notify the civilian you will be seizing their firearm > scroll wheel on them and select "Seize illegal items" this will put it in the police vehicle. At this point the player has had all charges applied and it is now your job to read off their charges. You open the wanted list, find their name and read off ALL of the charges, in this case it's just "Robbery" and "Attempted Manslaughter" totaling a bounty of 7500$. At this point it is completely up to you to provide a enjoyable and role-play filled experience. Feed off the player explaining his charges and ask him questions, role-play with him! This is what divides the good cops from the great ones! After role-playing it is up to you to issue a ticket/pardon based on their role-play and the situation. In this scenario it will range from a full ticket to a pardon based on your discretion. However if a player turns themselves in, APD Policies/Procedures dictates processing must start at a 50% reduced ticket price.

Going from Cadet to Constable

As a cadet on your 8th day you are eligible to take your Ride-Along with a Sergeant, you can reduce this time by attending a APD certified training. It is important to be prepared for your Ride-Along as if you fail you will be forced to wait between 3-7 days. Keep in mind cadet is a trial period, failure to make constable after 30 days will result in removal from the APD. In addition if you fail 2 Ride-along's the third MUST be done with a Lieutenant failure to pass the third Ride-along will result in the removal from the APD.

To schedule a Ride-Along please contact a Sergeant on Team-Speak

Mock Ride Along

Officers with mock certification are Constables+ that have demonstrated their knowledge of the guidebook and are certified to give you the exact same experience as a SGT would on a real ride-along they are there to help and make sure you make it to Constable.

Mock Cert.png

Always be in sight of the constable you are with and always follow their instructions. Keep up to date on the guidebook and learn as much as possible to pass your ride-along. Good luck!

Taking Your Ride-along


8 days from the day you got your white-listing (7 if you attend a training during your cadet week)

Getting "Needs Ride-Along" Tags in Team-speak

As a cadet you get three chances to pass your Ride-along, the first two attempts will be with a SGT and the third will be with a LT. It is helpful to get the "Needs Ride-along" tag as it lets sergeants know your ready to take your test.

  1. Go to the Asylum official Discord and make sure you have cadet tags, if you do not have discord tags please link your app in the link_app_here_for_perms channel to get your tags.
  2. In the channel "Link_app_here_for_perms" type !needridealong, you will then be messaged by a bot, the bot will open a new chat window with you and ask you for your police application which you will then link to the bot.
  3. The bot will verify your eligibility, once you have been confirmed it will give you a personalized code and tell you to join the cop TS and join the channel "general support" in teamspeak.
  4. Once in the channel type !needridealong, the team-speak bot will ask for your personalized code. Simply paste your code and you will be given the tags.

Alternatively you can ask any SGT for the tag and link them your app in a private message

Passed my RA and I'm now a Constable! Now What?

You have obtained the rank of Constable! Constables are the workforce of the APD and the most common rank. As a Constable you gain access to a multitude of new items and perks, keep in mind with these tools you have alot of new responsibilities. For specific rules about each new tool you now have (Specifically Helicopters/Lethal Ammunition & Patrolling alone) please consult the APD guidebook.

Additional Responsibilities

As a Officer

  • Patrolling without direct supervision
  • You will be expected to know when and why Lethal's should be approved and actively vote when Lethal's are requested and no SGT+ are on
  • Fairly adding charges and processing players
  • Pardoning Bounty's/Issuing
  • Optionally if you wish taking on Cadets and teaching them you are encouraged and allowed to. However it is NOT required, never feel you need to take a cadet with you, in addition taking on multiple cadets is not recommended for newer officers. Keep in mind you are responsible for the cadet you take on and they should always be within ear shot of you while in game.

As a Civilian

Keep in mind in addition to being a cop even while on civilian you have some expectations to remain a role-model and positive member of the Asylum community. Remember while on Civilian you need to respect not everyone will get everything right 100% of the time. However if you feel the need you are more than welcome to submit both Internal Affairs reports and Player Reports on APD members. Some things to remember are -

  • Never be in a cop channel while on Civilian
  • Never Insult or harass APD members
  • Do not abuse the 911 Function
  • If a problem arises simply record and report or go through a SGT+ it's usually never a good idea to speak with another Constable directly

Adding Charges/Pardoning/

Adding Charges

Please note once you have added a charge it cannot be removed until the player has been Pardoned/Lethal'd/Served Prison time/. To add a charge simply scroll wheel on a restrained player and select "Add Charge" and find the corresponding charge you wish to add. Out list of tickets can be found here


If a Civilian needs a pardon simply open your phone ("Y") find the wanted list and in the wanted list find their name and selecting it then hit "Pardon"

New Tools as Constable

Police only forums

After your ride-along it may take some time to gain access to this depending on the availability of admins to change your forum rank. But once approved you will have access to the police only section on the forums which will be your direct link to policy changes, the training center, helpful documents and much more!

New Vehicles/Air Support

  • Off-Road $500, Max speed of 200km/h, Requires the talent "County Cop" - Off-road is a unique vehicle in the APD as its the only land vehicle with Gunner Seats (4).
  • SUV $2,500, Max speed of 249km/h, Requires the talent "Patrol Officer" - Good in pursuits of box-trucks/slower vehicles as it can go across rougher terrain than the hatchback's
  • Hatchback (Sport) $5,000, Max speed of 325km/h, Requires the talent "Patrol Officer" - Most popular patrol vehicle however is prone to breaking when hitting basically anything.
  • Hummingbird $20,000, Max speed of 245km/h ((without losing altitude)), Requires the talent "Flight Training" - Only Air vehicle available to Constables it has (8) Gunner Seats which makes it ideal for transportation however has its own set of specific rules please refer to this document

Traffic Control Bars

While in the driver seat of any police vehicle press the "Tab" button to open the menu. It is great for augmenting role-play

New Weapons/Items

  • Flashlights/IR lasers $100/$400 Respectively, good for augmenting role-play however they give away your position at night and are not recommended unless you forgot your
  • Chem-lights $100 ea. Available in different colors (4), good to augment role-play examples include during standard road stops, marking landing zones, Warning oncoming traffic of a hazard
  • Smoke Grenades $100 ea. Available in different colors (7), good for covering pushes/revives, designating landing area's.
  • Flash Bangs $1000 ea. Requires the talent "Stunning", good for disorienting players also useful in disabling vehicles.
  • Scopes $400 ea. While you have access to basic scopes (Red-dot/holo) as a cadet, once you are constable you have access. RCO,ARCO,ERCO,MRCO,
  • 6.5mm MX + Lethal Bullets $2,400 ($150 per mag) Requires "Show Of Force 3" Stanag = Lethal, Tracer = Downing. Keep in mind as an officer you are required to have downing rounds loaded unless otherwise authorized/
  • Pilot Coveralls $5000 unlock-able via loot-crates. Provides additional Armor

Please note unlike your "Y" inventory these items will be lost on death and need to be repurchased. However at each police spawn a "Gear-up" option is available which will outfit you with the items you had before death.e

SWAT Certification

Swat is a specialized training that allows approved Constables+ to deploy to Prisons/Bank/Feds with elite load-out's and a special vehicle (Strider/Boat) if you would like to get your SWAT certification please contact a Training Officer or check the forums.


Each Precinct (or server) has their own prerequisites needed to become a Corporal please check the police forums for further information on promotions

Additional Responsibilities

  • Role-model and leader in the absence of higher ranking officers
  • Responds to higher up requests from constables
  • Expected to be well informed on guidebook knowledge
  • Each precinct may have additional expectations/rules for their officers.

New Tools & Perks

As Corporal you will have access to the following perks on all servers

  • Corporal Uniform
  • Hellcat $60,000. Requires the talent Flight Transport Seats 6 passengers
  • MXM $3,000. Requires the talent Show of Force 4. MXM is an MX variant that is stronger at ranges exceeding 300m+ has a lower rate of fire than the MX
  • 2 Additional Talent Points (22 Total)

Once promoted to Corporal you will have the rank on all servers, however you are given incentives to play on your precinct-ed server (The one you applied for) the following perks are only available when you play on your home server.

Upon logging into your home server you will be able to select one of three new slots, Warrant Medic Undercover, these slots are found at the bottom of the list from where you would normally find your cop slot.

  • Medic & Warrant will share inventory's while Undercover will be separate.
  • While playing in these slots you will earn Cop prestige
  • Cop prestige is used to upgrade your Warrant Undercover & Medic skills.
  • You only earn Cop prestige while playing on your home server
  • Cop Prestige can be viewed from the Prestige button on your phone

A list of perks can be found below


  • Ability to request one warrant and track the warrant similar to a civilian bounty hunter
  • All upgrades to warrant tracking abilities will apply to active APB's aswell

  • Novice Man Tracker 1,000 Prestige. 1km track radius.
  • Improved Man Tracker 5,000 Prestige. 900m track radius.
  • Corporal Man Tracker 15,000 Prestige. 800m track radius.
  • Sergeant Man Tracker 25,000 Prestige. 500m track radius.
  • Sergeant Master Tracker 40,000 Prestige. 400m track radius.
  • Lieutenant Man Tracker 40,000 Prestige. 300m track radius.
  • Master Man Tracker 50,000 Prestige. 200m track radius.

  • Basic Sources 5,000 Prestige. 8 minute track timer.
  • Improved Sources 20,000 Prestige. 6 minute track timer.
  • Cultivated Sources 35,000 Prestige. 3 minute track timer.
  • Master of Information 70,000 Prestige. 2 minute track timer.


  • Receives Medic requests
  • See's Medic requests on the map
  • No de-buff after reviving

Pill Pusher 1,000 Prestige. Unlimited painkillers ((Must have at-least one in your inventory))

I/V Technician10,000 Prestige. 25% Faster when blood-bagging other players.

I/V Expert 25,000 Prestige. 50% Faster when blood-bagging other players.

I/V Master 45,000 Prestige. 75% Faster when blood-bagging other players. Does not consume blood-bag.

Splint Technician 10,000 Prestige. 25% Faster when splinting other players.

Splint Expert 25,000 Prestige. 50% Faster when splinting other players.

Splint Master 45,000 Prestige. 75% Faster when splinting other players.

Triage Technician 10,000 Prestige. 25% Faster when reviving.

Triage Expert 25,000 Prestige. 50% Faster when reviving.

Triage Master 45,000 Prestige. 75% Faster when reviving.


  • Can shoot civilians without initiation in red zones
  • Can ignore 20 minute timer on illegal zones
  • Can hide rank
  • Access to vast amount of civilian vehicles, weapons & clothes
  • Undercover vehicles can only be used while in Undercover slot

Unmarked Vehicles 1,000 Prestige. Access to civilian "Patato" hatches.

Improved Vehicles 15,000 Prestige. Access to civilian Jeep & Off-road.

Advanced Vehicles 30,000 Prestige. Access to civilian SUV's and Hatchback sport.

Vehicle Master 65,000 Prestige. Access to Box Truck, Zamack, Hemmtt's and unmarked Prowlers.

Basic Air 10,000 Prestige. Access to civilian hummingbird & M900.

Improved Air 35,000 Prestige. Access to civilian Hellcat & Orca.

Advanced Air 65,000 Prestige. Access to civilian Mohawk.

Novice Pill Pusher 5,000 Prestige. Chance painkillers will not be consumed on use.

Novice I/V Technician 10,000 Prestige. Using blood-bag on others is 25% faster.

Novice Splint Technician 25,000 Prestige. Using a splint on others is 25% faster.

Novice Triage Technician 45,000 Prestige. 25% fast revives


Each Precinct (or server) has their own prerequisites needed to become a Sergeant, please check the police forums for further information on promotions.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Role-model and leader
  • Responds to higher up requests
  • Expected to be well informed on guidebook knowledge
  • Provide Ride-Alongs to cadets seeking to move on to constable
  • Vote on and promote constables to corporal
  • Accept or deny new APD applications
  • Give disciplinary action in form of verbal warnings
  • Hold briefings on important APD issues and topics
  • Perform trial by combats when necessary
  • Properly perform Cartel Raids when needed

New Tools & Perks

As Sergeant you will have access to the following perks on all servers

  • Sergeant Uniform
  • Orca $60,000. Requires the talent Flight Transport Seats 6 passengers
  • Hunter $30,000. Requires the talent Advanced Driver Seats 4 passengers
  • 2 Additional Talent Points (24 Total)
  • UAV Drone $3,000. Requires the talent Surveillance and a UAV terminal $2,000
  • Patrol Illegal Areas via helicopter without ground forces

UAV Drone

As Sergeant you will have access to a UAV Drone that can be deployed.

To obtain the drone, you must have the required talent Surveillance and then purchase it from the APD gear shop under backpacks. Additionally purchase a UAV Terminal from the APD gear shop.

Here is how to use the drone in Asylum.

Uses of the UAV drone:

  • Patrol illegal areas discretely (Patrol illegal areas discretely. Drone operators should treat their drones as if they are the drone themselves. For example, if a drone operator is to use a drone to check an illegal area, they are to remain no more than 2 minutes with no activity and the area is to be marked when the check is complete.)
  • Follow in pursuit of criminals
  • Utilise the thermal camera to make location callouts


Written by Patato Edited by Henry Arnold Based on the original google doc by Olivia Approved By Monopoly Man