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Special Weapons and Tactics Unit

SWAT is a specialized unit within the Asylum Police Department. SWAT is responsible for responding to Federal Events.

SWAT Trainers

  • Lieutenant Nathan
  • Lieutenant Bherky

They are identifiable in TeamSpeak by the Colonel insignia.

SWAT Requirements

  • Constable for 6 weeks
  • No active points
  • Once SWAT whitelisted, must maintain 10 hours per month on cop.

Steps to becoming a SWAT Officer

  • Attend a SWAT Training
  • Go through an interview with SWAT Trainer(s)
  • Upon passing your interview, wait patiently for whitelisting.
    • If you fail your interview, the SWAT trainer will give you further instructions.


  • NEVER drop SWAT gear, even if you are kidnapped.
  • Do Not "Deploy" for SWAT more than once.
  • Follow normal APD rules for when you lethal people in Federal Events.
  • Do Not use a bipod, MXSW, or Spar-16s if the equipment is above your current rank.
  • Do not deploy for SWAT towards the end of a federal event or if the event is already over.
  • Only use SWAT gear for federal events.


  • Depending on severity
    • Temporary Removal from SWAT
    • Permanent Removal from SWAT
    • Blacklist from the APD removal from SWAT

SWAT Guns and Gear

As an APD SWAT Officer, you will have access to upgraded weaponry and gear loadouts. You will also be able to use armored and unarmored vehicles. These vehicles include the Hunter (armored), Strider (armored), Transport Van (unarmored), and Prowler (unarmored)