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Rules and Guidelines

View our official rules on the Forums

This is provided as an easy way to see all the different posted server rules but should not be considered official. Changes to rules will always be posted on the fourms.

Respect your fellow players and admins.

The Administrators of the Asylum servers are all volunteers who freely donate their time to help keep the servers running, fun, and free of those who would break the rules listed below.

Your fellow players are what make Asylum what it is. We will not tolerate harassment, disrespect, or personal attacks against any member of our community.

If you would like to report an Admin, please contact the Owners, Developers, and/or the Community Manager. If you wish to report a player, use the appropriate forum.

Random Death Match

More in depth RDM rules can be found here

Do not Random Deathmatch (RDM)

RDM is killing/downing another player without any type of HOSTILE role-play being initiated or giving a player a reasonable amount of time for them to react to your demands.

  • Intentions must be clearly stated to the intended target, and they MUST be given reasonable time to react. Text messages through phone to the player is an allowed method of starting RP.
  • Revenge killing is NOT a form of role-playing reasoning.
  • You must make sure you have your in-game effects volume turned up! This is the sound level for your direct communication. VON is used for Vehicle, Group, and Side.
  • If a player complies and does what you ask, you must further the RP before you are able to kill them. (For example, if someone follows directions and puts their hands up, you must come up with an alternative reason for killing them, before you can kill them.)
  • Added active firefight rule under RDM: If a player knowingly enters an active fire fight they do so at their own risk.

In regards to the "Red Name" aggression system, and how long hostile initiation lasts.

Vehicle Death Match

Do not Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

VDM is using your vehicle as an OFFENSIVE weapon.

  • Dropping a sling loaded vehicle from a helicopter to intentionally kill a player or cause destruction by "bombing" them is also considered VDM and is not allowed.
  • Armored Vehicles may be used in an offensive manner against ONLY other armored vehicles. (Strider/Hunter/Ifrit) due to the difficulty in stopping those types of vehicles
  • You may hit a player with your vehicle only if they are firing at you, and blocking your direct path of travel. You may not maneuver to intentionally hit a player.


Knowingly using a bug or glitch to your advantage or another's detriment is not allowed.

  • Making Items duplicate is an advantage to yourself and will get you banned.
  • The use of an increased DPI in order to avoid a fight or death or any other situation where the unnatural movement speeds would impede an interaction or immersion is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Doing anything while downed/restrained (e.g. leaving/driving a vehicle, dropping items, moving around, etc.) is considered exploiting.
  • Entering a player's house by any means other than through an unlocked/open door is an exploit.
  • Hiding in places that conceal your player in a manner that is not intended such as, in rocks, sandbags, vehicles, static objects (crashed helis and vehicles placed) ect.
  • The unflip option cannot be used to elevate any vehicle to any position in which it is not able to be driven to.

Combat Logging

Do not exit the game, return to lobby, or respawn (suicide button) to avoid a role-play situation.

Another player breaking the rules does not give you the right to combat log.

This rule also applies to storing vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, being engaged in a firefight, being chased, or having your vehicle stolen after you pull it from the garage.

General Trolling & Harassment 

  • Excessive trolling and harassment can be a bannable offense! Don’t be a dick!
  • Wearing a gang tag for a gang in which you are not in will result in admin action. This is being implemented to reduce the confusion during initation, gang wars, etc. It should go without mentioning that this has the potential to negatively impact a gangs reputation if unauthorized users are representing a gang's tag.

Admin Events

This falls under the "Don't be a dick" clause. Admins do events to create fun for the community. If you deliberately attempt to ruin or get in the way expect action to be taken at the admins discretion.


Racism is against the rules, in and out of character.

Real Estate

Asylum offers a public forum to conduct, out of game, real estate transactions for in-game money.

  • Scamming other players via the forum or in-game for real estate transactions is not allowed.

Meta Gaming / Stream Sniping

Do not use another players stream to find out where they are or what they are doing without the specific streamers permission.

The use of external 3rd party knowledge of another players actions and/or location to benefit yourself is against the rules.

Side Chat Spam

Do NOT spam on Side Chat!

No voice on side chat as well as promoting other servers of any kind! This is the same during server restarts.


Using the multi-server system with syncing to give you or your allies an advantage in any way.

With regard specifically to Cartels, if you, or your gang, is found logging in within 1 Kilometer to take or stop a attack, if sufficient evidence is present this will be bannable.


  • Impeding the flight path of a helicopter with another helicopter is not suggested on Asylum.
  • If your helicopter touches another helicopter and it is determined the incident was not a simple accident, then you are guilty of VDM regardless of the outcome of the incident.
  • Warning shots are allowed against helicopters that are attempting to land or hover near your position.
  • If the helicopter does not leave the area after multiple warning shots, you may attempt to disable the helicopter.

Car Accidents

If you get in a car accident with another car ( civ or cop) you would still need to initiate RP before you can shoot the people in the other car.

Bounty Hunters

  • It is not intended for you, your gang, or known associates to profit from your bounty as a bounty hunter.
  • While game mechanics do not currently prevent this from happening, it is still not allowed. Any money received from doing so will be removed from your account.
  • Please note that if you break multiple rules, you may be punished for all infractions on our servers.

APD Matters

Refer to the APD Guidebook and the Internal Affairs Division for APD-related matters.


Administrators have the right to place bans for things that are not necessarily written that we feel to be toxic or threatening to the community.

Any questions, please contact the Admin Team.


To appeal a ban on any of the Asylum servers please make an account on the Asylum Forums Here then find your way to the Appeals section and post an appeal following the provided format

  • Failure to follow the format may impede the time it takes to find and resolve your appeal.