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Illegal Areas

Altis Fire Department members are to avoid illegal areas while on patrol. The only time an AFD member is allowed to enter an illegal area is when they receive a !311 text alert, Medical Ping, or when the Altis Police Department requests our assistance via the text or radio (TeamSpeak).

The following are considered illegal areas that are (off-limits, unless requested by !311, Medical Ping or the Police):

  • Drug Fields
  • Drug Processing Locations
  • Drug Runners
  • Wong's Food and Liquor
  • Drug Dealers
  • Chop Shops
  • Distillery
  • Black Markets
  • Cartels
  • Rebel Airdrops (500 meters from the center circle)
  • Rebel Outposts

Federal Events

Medics who are attending active federal events must follow these specific rules.

  • Only 2 medics are allowed to participate
  • 1 medic for cops and 1 medic for rebels. If you are attending alone, it's your choice who you'd like to help.
  • If you are going to a federal event, you MUST be in the incident command channel. Do not linger/AFK in this channel, please.
  • 2-life rule: If you die twice, you cannot go back. No other medic may take the initial responders' places.

Word of caution: The APD is able to down/kill any medic in the process of reviving a downed/lethaled rebel. Play it smart, and don't go complaining to anybody if you were not able to complete your task.

Paramedic + can bring a total of two armored vehicles to federal events. If the Paramedic helping one side has one, the one helping the other can have one as well.

if it is a paramedic helping Rebel/Cop and there is a lower ranking member attending the federal event as well, the paramedic has an option to hand a strider to the lower ranking member for the duration of an ACTIVE Federal Event.


AFD members are prohibited from entering contested cartels. If you are kidnapped and brought into a cartel, you are not allowed to revive anyone.

If you're at any cartel or federal event, you are not allowed to revive gangmates or known affiliates at all.

Gang Turfs

AFD members are prohibited from entering contested Gang Turfs. Turfs are treated the same way as cartels.

Rebel Airdrops

AFD medics are prohibited from going to Rebel Air Drops. Due to lack of protection available from the Altis Government the AFD will no longer respond to any calls 500 meters from center circle of the Rebel Air Drops.