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Illegal Areas

Altis Fire Department members are to avoid illegal areas while on patrol. The only time an AFD member is allowed to enter an illegal area is when they receive a !311 text alert, Medical Ping, or when the Altis Police Department requests our assistance via the text or radio (TeamSpeak).

The following are considered illegal areas that are (off-limits, unless requested by !311 or the Police):

  • Drug Fields
  • Drug Processing Locations
  • Drug Runners
  • Wong's Food and Liquor
  • Drug Dealers
  • Chop Shops
  • Distillery
  • Black Markets
  • Cartels
  • Rebel Airdrops
  • Rebel Outposts

Federal Events

All AFD Members are not required to respond to Federal Events (Prison Break/Bank Robbery/Federal Reserve Robbery).

It is at the Medic's discretion if they are to respond or not.

Medics are highly encouraged to help everyone in need, starting with the patients that will require the least amount of risk for you, the medic.

Medics are still prohibited from helping their own gang-mates/friends.