AFD Chain of Command

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Below are the ranks of the AFD and their responsibilities.



Emergency Medical Responders (EMR's) are the lowest rank in the AFD.

EMR's are learning the ropes of how to provide proper care as a Medical Healthcare Providers as well as learning all the policies.



Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) are a higher rank than an EMR.

EMT's are able to provide the basic level of care and are the core of the AFD.

Advanced EMT


Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-A's) outrank the EMT's and EMR's.

EMT-A's can provide advanced life-support.

They are better equipped and have been taught a higher level of care than a regular EMT.



Paramedics are the first Fire Department Staff position.

Paramedics provide the highest level of care in the life-support system.

Paramedics will be able to perform high-risk rescue operations with their top of the line equipment and training.

Paramedics will be in charge when present and have full authority in the absence of the Chief/Assistant Chief.

The Paramedics will handle any Internal Affair report on EMR-Advanced EMT.

Assistant Chief

Asstchief (2).png

Assistant Chief(s) are the highest rank in the AFD aside from the Chief.

The Assistant Chief(s) are the policy creators and make procedures.

They are the people that assist the Chief and resolve issues in the Chief's absence.

The Assistant Chief(s) has the responsibility on overseeing the AFD.

The Assistant Chief(s) will handle any Internal Affairs report on Paramedics, they also have the authority to handle any Internal Affair below the rank of Paramedic if they deem it necessary.


The Chief is the leader of the Fire Department/EMS.

The person with this rank will have the absolute final say in all decisions regarding medical policy and procedures.

The Chief has the authority to place any policy/procedure he wants as well as veto any suggestion in its entirety.

The Chief will handle Internal Affair reports on the Assistant Chief(s).

The Chief of EMS is a non-staff position. Any paramedic+ can be chosen to become the Chief.