AFD General Policies

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Basic AFD Rules

  • We are a neutral faction, You may not prioritize one faction over the other 'Unless you're attending a federal event.' Do not report any information to the APD regarding civilian activity's unless your life has been threatened
  • AFD Members must be loyal to all AFD Policies, as well as follow Server Rules
  • Any AFD equipment must only be used by AFD Members, you may not share anything with anyone not on-duty as an AFD Member
  • AFD Members may not be kidnapped by gangmates, if this were to happen you may not help them during a federal event or give them AFD issued gear
  • You must remain in character and roleplay with other players, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action
  • Be respectful to fellow AFD Members, Police Officers, and Civilians
  • Do not use profanity or harass anyone
  • If taken hostage, do not give gangmates or friends any AFD issued equipment

TeamSpeak and Discord

  • All AFD Members must be in the AFD specific TeamSpeak channels while on-duty
  • Your in-game name and TeamSpeak name must match so you can be identified
  • Off-duty AFD Members below the rank of Paramedic are restricted from joining medic TeamSpeak channels

Federal Events

  • AFD Members are not required to respond to Federal Events, it is at the Medic's discretion whether to attend or not
  • AFD Members may respawn to the following Federal Events: Federal Reserve Robbery, Bank Robbery, Prison Break, or Evidence Lockup
  • AFD Members may also respawn to their original cities upon the Federal Events ending
  • 2 AFD Members may respond to the federal event in which, 1 must aid the cops, and 1 must aid the rebels

Exploiting/Glitching/Bugged Players

  • If a player is exploiting, glitching, or bugged this is the only time you are allowed to break Roleplay and inform the player of the issue
  • If a player appears to be exploiting,glitching, or using bugs on purpose (ie: to give themselves a gameplay advantage), please report them as you normally would here

House Entry

  • Paramedic + only Ability
  • Medical Requests ONLY
  • When making entry to revive someone, the Paramedic + should announce who they are and that they are making entry to render medical aid.