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Roleplay within the AFD is a must.

You are free to create your own persona, however you must follow the Server Rules and have proper etiquette when you are on-duty as an AFD Medical Provider.

Failure to roleplay will be met with severe disciplinary actions.

AFD Vehicles

AFD vehicles are an important tool that can be utilized to make life easier for the Members of the AFD.

When using a ground unit, you are only permitted to use lights and sirens en route to a dispatch.

While flying an air vehicle for the AFD, you must have collision lights on at all times, the lights and sirens are again only permitted when en route to a dispatch.

AFD personnel are exempt from collision light/lights and sirens when entering a hostile (illegal area) to avoid drawing attention that can be harmful or lethal.

It is suggested that earplugs are used within AFD air vehicles and set to at least 20%, this is not a requirement simply a recommendation.