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This page covers the general information about rebel and medical airdrops. Airdrops take place at random, across the Island, containing both physical and virtual items.

The loot is randomly generated, where the contents of the airdrop are accessible not less than 10 minutes after the impact of the airdrop on the ground.

Rebel Airdrops

Rebel Airdrops happen at random throughout the Island. A redzone is automatically in place surrounding the airdrop, where other potential players can be interested in the airdrop.

The contents of the airdrop vary from airdrop to airdrop, containing different weapons (from 2-4 different weapons), ammunition and scopes.

Furthermore, virtual inventory items are also a part of the airdrop, containing redgulls, lockpicks and sometimes speedbombs.

NOTE: Cops are not allowed to patrol rebel airdrops, unless in active visual pursuit or warrant tracking.


Medical Airdrops

Medical airdrops happen at random throughout the Island. No redzone is applied to the airdrop.

Medical airdrops spawn medical equipment that can be used such as defibrillators, blood bags, and narcan-shots.


Additional Information

  • Medical supply crates are not the same as medical airdrops. They act as a mobile medical shop, with increased buy prices, and are transportable by sling loading or cargo-loading. AEMT+ are the only one able to acquire a medical supply crate.