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This guide will cover all things clothing and armor related.


Masks are clothing items placed in the glasses slot (not the helmet/hat slot). This allows you to wear shemags together with a mask.

While wearing these masks from a distance other player's will be unable to see your name as it will show up as "Unknown". The only way to get a player's name from a distance is with Binoculars. Below are the only masks which conceal identity.

  • Balaclava (Black) (Low Profile Goggles) (Olive) (Combat Goggles) $150
  • Bandanna (Aviator)(Beast) (Black)(Khaki) (Olive) (Shades) (Sport) (Tan) $150
  • Stealth Balaclava (Black) (Black, Goggles) (Green) (Green, Goggles) $200



  • Chest Rig No armor $200 (Black, Olive)
  • ELBV Harness No armor $200 (Tan, Grey)
  • LBV Harness No Armor $200 (Grey)
  • Tactical Vest Lvl 1 Armor $3,000 (Brown, Camo, Khaki, Olive, Stavrou.) Purchasable at rebel
  • Carrier Light Lvl 3 Armor $5,000 (Black, Green, Tropic) Purchasable at rebel


  • Skate Helmet Lvl 1 Armor $1,500 Obtainable at any clothing store
  • Racing Helmet Lvl 1 Armor (Black, Blue, BluKing, Yellow, and Green) $100 (Fuel, Bluking, Redstone and Vrana) $250 Obtainable at the Go-Kart shop requires the talent "Speed Racer"
  • Light Combat Helmet Lvl 1 Armor. Only available from opening a Loot crate

Police Only

  • Gendarmerie Vest Lvl 2 Armor Tanoa Only
  • Tactical Vest Lvl 2 Armor (Police) Altis only
  • Heli Crew Helmet Lvl 2 Armor (SWAT Only)
  • Plate Carrier Vest Lvl 3 Armor (SWAT Only)


Go-Kart Clothing

Requires Talent "Speed Racer" Obtainable at the Go-Kart Track

  • Driver Coverall (Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, White and Yellow) $150 (Bluking, Fuel, Redstone and Vrana) $350
  • Racing Helmet Lvl 1 Armor (Black, Blue, Yellow, and Green) $100 (Fuel, Bluking, Redstone and Vrana) $250

Ghillie Suits

Requirements The Talents "Rebel" & "Guerilla" Rebel Licence Available in Regular, Semi Arid, Lush, Jungle and Arid $1500 Purchasable at Rebel outpost