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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end game objectives. The tactics you use and the weaponry will be left to your discretion.

Asylum Domination is a large scale domination style event that involves multiple groups engaging for control of control points.

You can join the Asylum Domination server with the IP


Domination is a scheduled community event. Below are the current times that the event runs at. The schedule is always subject to change to accommodate most of our community and may operate at unscheduled times as well.

You can convert the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) time to your own timezone here.

Day of Week Pacific Time UTC Time
Tuesday 2 PM 21:00
Thursday 2 PM 21:00
Saturday 12 PM 19:00

Domination lasts for 3 hours or until there is a winner based on points scored.


Domination comes with its own set of rules apart from our normal server rules. They are as follows:

  • Chopshop is disabled. You can still blow vehicles up if it doesn't kill anyone.
  • Houses are disabled.
  • Speed bombs and suicide vests are disabled.
  • Camping safe zones is a bannable offense.


Domination has few requirements to participate. They are as follows:

  • Group of up to 10 players
  • Sufficient money to purchase gear and vehicles


Domination is based on capturing and holding 4 randomized control points on Arms Island.

Holding any of these points will generate points for your group and increase your score.

Every 20 minutes, of the 4 control points will move to a new location.

Additionally, every 15 minutes a random Domination event area will appear, granting bonus points to those who participate. These are:

  • Ghosthawk Attack
  • Hotzone control point - Double Points
  • Aircraft Carrier Spawn with armed planes
  • Nuclear Bunker
  • Bomb Defusal
  • HVT High-Value Target
  • Supply Airdrop

Win Conditions

Reaching a score of 125 points will secure you a Domination win.

  • In the case of two gangs reaching 125 points at the same time, a tie-breaker will happen. The first gang to 130 points will then win Domination.

Scoring points is possible by controlling control points, killing other players, and participating in the special events.


The default prize is set at $100k at the start of the event.

Nearly every purchase and use of money in the event is added to a global prize pool.

At the end of the event, the prize pool is split between the participating gangs, with the top 3 receiving the largest cuts.

  • To receive any reward, your gang must obtain at least 10 points during the event.