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The hunting grounds now contains a store with plenty of outdoor supplies, such as hunting firearms, food, tents, campfires, and skinning knives.

This serves as a great start for new players who wish to get a foothold in the server with a relatively risk free experience.


To begin your career as a Hunter you will need:

  • Any weapon of choice with plenty of ammo. There is a weapon shop located at the center.
  • Vehicle of choice - New players will tend to use the Offroad. Used to store meat.
  • Backpack - Will allow you to carry more meat on your person.
  • Skinning Knife $100 - Can be bought at the hunting grounds.
  • Campfire $500 - Can be bought at the hunting grounds.


The Hunting Grounds are located north of Athira, slightly south west of the northern Rebel Outpost. It is marked as a yellow circle.


Pull or buy a vehicle from Athira DMV and drive 3.7 Km up to the Hunting Grounds.

Hunting & Gathering/Selling the Animals.


  • This is how the animals will look like.

Below outlines the steps for Legal animal hunting.

  1. Locate the animals by searching in the forest. The lookout towers are a great way to spot them.
  2. Shoot the animal.
  3. Skin the animal using the scroll wheel option.
  4. Place down a camp fire by using it from your virtual inventory.
  5. Using the scroll wheel, cook all your raw meat.
  6. Sell your cooked meat at the market.


Varied - Profit varies on the type of animal meats you sell, especially if you cook them for maximum profit.

This can further be increased by selling illegal dog meat.

Additional Information

  • Always cook your meat, although you can sell it raw, cooked meat will triple or quadruple your profits.
  • Be careful when hunting dogs. Although their meat sells for much more, if caught by the police, you will be charged with possession of protected animal meat.
  • Cooked dog meat can be sold at Wongs Food and Liquor.
  • Avoid killing and skinning chickens as their profit to weight ratio is worse than the other animals.
  • Avoid hunting with a bounty, as it is easy for police and bounty hunters to capture you out in the open.
  • The hunting grounds are located near a Rebel Outpost and Cocaine Processing, both heavy traffic areas, so be careful of player encounters.