Mental Asylum

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This guide will go over the mechanical specifications for completing end game objectives. The tactics you use and the weaponry will be left to your discretion.

Mental Asylum

The Mental Asylum is located north of Kore and is a desolate wasteland of rotting corpses and deranged patients.

Requirements & Mechanics

  • Demo Charge - $1,275
  • Thermite - $1,445
  • Trojan Virus USB - $1,063


  • As soon as the thermite charge starts all civilians in the area will be charged with "Mental Asylum Robbery" ($15,000)
  • When the Mental Asylum is actively being breached, it will be known via a marker on the map
  • You must infiltrate the compound by breaching either wall entrance with demo charges.
  • Once you have activated the explosives on the bombs, enter the compound to start the thermite reaction on the front door.
  • After waiting 15 minutes for the thermite to explode, enter the main hospital and hack all 5 laptop stations via usb to cripple the mainframe. After 10 minutes of holding out and hacking all the laptops, you will be given a random key code to open up the lost mental patients tomb.
  • While the Federal Event is active the entire area surrounding the Mental Asylum is a red zone for civilians. This means civilians do not need to initiate to shoot.
  • Syncing at the Mental Asylum and disconnecting there, will spawn you semi-near the Mental Asylum.
  • APD officers may stop the breach within (right when the thermite starts, and right before you get the keycard). The backup mainframe laptop for cops is situated to the back of the main building.
  • Whilst the federal event is active, officers may redeploy to Kore Checkpoint to buy weapons and pull out vehicles. This is not an HQ, so seizing items etc cant occur here. This spawn will only be active whilst the Mental Asylum is actively being breached.
  • North of the compound and randomly located is the marker of the patient's tomb. Enter the correct combination and have the riches of the most wanted man in the world!
  • 7 Officers are required to start the breach.

Failure Conditions

If the rebels are unable to defend the back door laptop and the APD successfully re-enable the firewall.


Once all laptops have been hacked, the given keycode must be entered at the Mental Patient's Tomb. Up to 20 gold bars, the patient remains, and other weaponry can be found at the tomb.

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