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To View, your bank balance and prestige hit the "Y" key to open your phone, select the "Money icon" The top number is your bank account balance. The middle number is how much money you currently have on yourself. Also displayed is the governor set tax rate. There is no "money cap" on the servers.

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Midamaru Guide to money making

These are some tips mainly focused on reducing the money you spend and also how to efficiently make money.

Reduce your costs

First topic I would like to address is the money you spend while playing Asylum. This varies per person as some just log on and sit in Kavala and others spend tons every day to fight as a rebel/cop in the endgame fights.

If you’re going to fight for hours and respawn multiple times, maybe lose a couple of vehicles in the process you could easily lose hundreds of thousands. This amount you can’t simply make back in the same time. It’s a big loss and you should be more careful with it to prevent having to farm or buy money.

You can easily reduce costs by reviewing the load-outs you purchase and how often you fully utilize the items you’ve purchased. For example you’ll often find people buying too many redgulls, mags, go for the most expensive weapon while an MK18 or Katiba would do just fine. This is all preference to your play style but if you find yourself bored of the game because you have to farm twice the time you are fighting then you should consider this option.

Purchasing vehicles is very expensive at the moment and we have taken a blow to the crafting market due the increased price of crafting orca’s but this does not mean it’s more efficient to simply farm money and buy vehicles. Crafting is a very efficient way to get multiple vehicles, instead of using your time to farm money you could spend less time by gathering. Just pick your timing to do so I’ll give you some quick tips to look out for.

Only craft while owning Panagia to make it the most efficient Craft with few players online or have friends to back you up Cap Oil cartel when there’s a ton of rubber in there. Running Oil gives you 20 each run, you only need 4 runs to craft 10 Orcas (/w Panagia) for example.

Money Making

Money making does not have to be stale and boring. You can safely farm money by just semi-afk gathering for example diamonds, meth ingredients, excavating. Reduce your risk here by just going with a Box Truck and only a backpack for example. If you’re just watching series and get caught/killed you don’t really lose anything but time. This time you’ve been doing something else meanwhile so it’s more of a background thing to make money.

This way I’ve often enjoyed my evenings with watching series or streams while still making money.

Use variation in the way you make money and plan it to be time efficient. I like to run a Zamakk Transport of scotch every now or then. It only costs me 30mins and results me with 180-200k, even though this costs time due the aging over restarts once you develop some wealth this passive income is more than welcome and really fills your pockets in an efficient manner.

You don’t need an Abdera house to run scotch, any house in the general direction of Athira or Kavala will do the trick. Your transport will only take a few minutes at max longer while you still earn the same money. Buying such a pristine house for making scotch only costs a ton which will put your economy back.

Bottom line is try to find something that works for you, it doesn’t have to be the best paying option to make it good. If you know how to avoid risks or willing to do your thing consistently because of how or what you are doing then that’s far more efficient than simply running meth for example.

Cop specific:

Don’t buy an MX/MXM/MK1 all the time, just get a proper scope for your default Spar. This will almost nullify your costs on cop unless you’re often losing vehicles. In most situations on cop you won’t need the best fire power you can get, you just need positioning and the right time of engagement. Once there’s a bank/fed/rebel shootout of course you should get the best equipment you can get but just keep an eye out on how much you’re spending and try to calculate the result of that fight.

Rebel specific:

A great way to earn money and make it more efficient is control over cartels and turfs. However other gangs or players will easily want to kill you since it’s the lifestyle of a rebel! When emptying a cartel you should have someone to back you up in case someone is camping for you to empty it.

When selling dirty money it’s always worth it to go for the safest one, you can have 100k dirty money + orca + loadout for example. It will be worth it to spend some extra minutes flying or waiting for someone to make sure it’s clear rather than losing that amount by just going in blind.

When someone is capping a cartel with a lot of dirty money/rubber in there, however it’s cheap it’s very efficient to go there and try to kill that person once he tries to loot the content. People are often reckless when they have capped a cartel without any fight. We’re talking about money making efficiency here not some sort of rebel honor code sorry.

Golden Tip Do not play the lottery, it’s seductive and people have won a lot including myself but it is not worth it especially if you need your money for fighting actively.

Do not: Try to make money or craft while being wanted, this will cause the APD and bounty hunters to interfere with any of your plans to simply steal or seize your valuables. Trust any stranger, however sometimes it’s better to make a potential ally then making an enemy by killing him and him returning or stopping you from making money. Make too many enemies, they might be less merciful and can even hunt you down simply because they don’t like you. (Personally I’m generally nice and this has often paid me off to let go out of an unescapable situation.

Thanks to Midamaru for this amazing guide~