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Special Weapons and Tactics Unit

SWAT is a specialized unit within the Asylum Police Department. SWAT is responsible for responding to Federal Events.

SWAT Trainers

  • Lieutenant Bherky (.Bherky#8953)
  • Sergeant Vista (Vista#8636)
  • Retired Sergeant Nathan (.Nathan 2F#0462)

They are identifiable in TeamSpeak by the Colonel insignia.

SWAT Requirements

  • Constable for 6 weeks
  • No active points
    • If you receive points while SWAT whitelisted you will be removed.
  • Once SWAT whitelisted, must maintain 10 hours per month on cop.

Steps to becoming a SWAT Officer

  • Submit a SWAT application here.
  • Go through an interview with a SWAT Trainer(s). (You can reach the SWAT TO’s through discord PM’s).
  • Upon passing your interview, wait patiently for whitelisting.
    • If you fail your interview, the SWAT trainer will give you further instructions.


  • NEVER drop SWAT gear for any reason (Including: Being Kidnapped). The ONLY reason to drop SWAT gear is accidental regearing. Anything dropped MUST be seized. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY GEAR YOU DROP.
  • Do Not “Deploy” for SWAT more than once unless given permission by a SGT+. (You may be revived.)
  • SWAT officers may re-gear at their discretion. This deployment will be on a first come first serve basis. Officers must follow all SWAT guidelines and are not to abuse this power.
  • All SWAT certified officers must follow normal APD lethal procedures.
  • MXSW and Bipod are for Captain ONLY.
  • AK 75 round mag is for LT+
  • Spar-16s is for SGT+ ONLY.
  • SWAT certified officers may use SWAT gear for all matters pertaining to a federal event. This includes chasing fleeing suspects, defending HQ, and processing.
  • DO NOT lethal fellow officers to remove SWAT gear. Killing other officers will be considered paintballing and will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Officers looking to remove their SWAT gear can soft-log or deactivate SWAT at the end of the federal event.
  • You must give two lives to all federal events as long as the federal event is still active.


  • Depending on the severity
    • Temporary Removal from SWAT
    • Permanent Removal from SWAT
    • APD disciplinary action
    • Blacklist from the APD

SWAT Guns and Gear

As an APD SWAT Officer, you will have access to upgraded weapons, vehicles, and gear.

Weapons: Captain Shop - There are a multitude of guns but the most used are, MK1, MK18, AK12, & Type 115. (Refer to SWAT Rules for restricted guns.)

Vehicles: Strider, Hunter, Prowler, & Van.