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Turtle Poaching is a well paying illegal activity with very few threats. Most threats coming from other Turtle Poachers.

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    Diving Gear to Hunt Turtles                                   Example of the turtles


To begin your career as a Turtle Poacher you will need:

  • Wet Suit: $200 - Obtained at the Diving shop
  • Re-breather: $200 - Obtained at the Diving shop
  • Diving Goggles: $60 - Obtained at the Diving Shop
  • A Boat or SDV: While a boat is much quicker, it is also more vulnerable to other players and officers as they can easily spot a boat on the water. The more safer but substantially slower alternative is the SDV, a submarine type vehicle with capability of staying underwater.
  • SDAR: As the SDAR is the only weapon on Asylum with the ability to shoot underwater, it is absolutely necessary for Sea Turtle hunting. However, you should be aware that the SDAR is an illegal weapon. It can be purchased at the Gun Store for $4,000 ($200 per mag).


Both Pyrgos and Kavala have all the needed shops and supplies to begin and maintain a healthy turtle poaching operation.

Hunting & Gathering/Selling the Turtles.

Simply drive your SDV or Boat out to the marked area on the map. Hop into the water and swim down until you see some turtles at which point you will need to swim below the turtle and shoot them in the soft belly. Turtle shells can not be shot through. After you have killed the turtle, simply scroll wheel on the turtle to pick it up. After you obtained a decent amount of turtles, go back to the city and walk up to Wong's Food and Liquor. Here you can sell the turtle meat for approximately $1105 each. Then walk to the ATM and store your newly gained riches.

Risks and mitigation/Tips

As a Turtle poacher your two biggest risks are the police and other players.

Running from Police

Escaping from police is extremely dependent on what gear the police have and how they arrive.

If police show up via Boat they will usually have SDAR's and diving suits. Do not engage them! Simply get in the SDV or Rhib then boat away, they will be unable to catch you as you are either faster or underwater where they can not shoot you.

If police show up in a heli you need to take notice if they have diving suits or not. If they do not have diving suits simply hide under the water and wait. They will sadly get your boat and possibly hard earned turtles but they will be unable to get you under the water.

If police show up in a heli and have diving suits. You need to make a quick decision to either fight or simply surrender as you will be unable to outrun the heli and the officers may win a fight under the water.

Running from other Players

Essentially the same thing. The only difference is you're basically forced to fight keep in mind both Wong's and the Turtle poaching area are "Shoot on sight" meaning anyone can simply come in and kill you and take your hard earned money.


Always do your best to be aware of your surroundings when going to sell your turtle meat and when arriving to the turtle poaching area. Players will camp these areas.

Avoid hunting turtles with a bounty as it is easy for police and bounty hunters to capture you out in the open.

Many players prefer the SDV over the boat as you can leave it just under the surface of the water and it will be extremely safe while you poach turtles or scout out Wongs without alerting others to your location.

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