Standard Operating Procedures

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The purpose of this document is to establish a standard that all officers should abide by while on duty.

Standard Guidelines

As an Officer with APD you will be expected to follow the Department's Standard Operating Procedures while on duty.

  • All Officers are expected to be courteous and professional at all times while on duty.
  • While on duty you are expected to role-play and follow all server rules at all times. (Breaking server rules or role-play may result in disciplinary action up and including possible termination from the Asylum Police Department.)

Use of Force

The use of restraints is justified when:

  1. A civilian(s) is a threat to themselves, other officers or civilians.
  2. A suspect(s) is on the wanted list and needs to be ticketed/searched.
  3. You witness a suspect commit a crime.
  4. Civilian(s) are interfering with police investigations (Give verbal warning first).

The use of less-than-lethal force is justified when:

  1. An individual is evading police on foot and ignoring verbal commands.
  2. An individual is evading police in a vehicle and ignoring verbal commands.
  3. An individual is open carrying an illegal firearm.

The use of lethal force is justified when:

  1. Ordered by the highest ranking officer involved on scene that is Sergeant or higher.
  2. If only Corporals or Constables are on scene, then they must seek permission to go lethal from the highest ranking SGT+ who is on the server.
  3. If there are no SGT+ on the server, then the Constables and Corporals on scene must take a unanimous vote to go lethal.
  4. To kill the gunner of a .50 cal offroad, armed Jeep, and armed Qilin.
  5. To kill gunners that are on the benches of a Hummingbird Helicopter or in the back of an Offroad/Prowler/Quilin if the gunners are actively firing on officers.
  6. To kill a suspect that is in an unreachable location such as the roof of a house with no ladders.


As a member of the APD, you are expected to set an example to others on the server. You should role-play all situations to the best of your ability.

Small details during a role-play can produce great results and make the game/server interesting. For example, if you pull someone over for speeding you could possibly notify them that their tail light is out or that their tires look like they need air. The sky's the limit when it comes to role-play.


You are to remain in character at all times when you are playing as an officer of the APD. This requires discipline at times, and if you cannot comply with department policies, or there is just that one person constantly getting on your nerves, it may be time to take a break.

When acting as an APD Officer, you must adhere to characteristics that are becoming an Officer. This list may be changed at any time as it could easily be more extensive:

  1. You MUST role-play EVERYTHING.
  2. Be respectful towards civilians and other officers no matter what rank.
  3. Do not use profanity to harass civilians.
  4. Do not have sexual intercourse role-play while on the job.
  5. Do not lie, cheat or steal etc.

Crowd Control

Often times when you are questioning a suspect, you will have other civilians attempt to annoy, distract, or in other words, remove you from your duties.

It is acceptable to restrain nearby civilians who are

The best solution would be to conduct your investigation in a less populated area. Sometimes this is not possible. If that is the case, use the procedure below for crowd control:

  1. Notify the individual(s) that they are interfering with police work and may be restrained if they do not immediately leave the area.
  2. After a verbal warning and adequate time, you may restrain anyone impeding you from performing your duties or interfering with police investigations.
  3. If multiple suspects are restrained and you are alone, it will likely be necessary to call in backup (as civs will often attempt to escort each other away from the cops.)
  4. Continue with your questioning of the original suspect and warn/ticket/jail them accordingly.
  5. Then, speak with additionally detained suspects about their interference with police operations. It is your choice to warn or ticket them for interfering with police business.

Additional Notes

Always keep in mind that as a member of the APD, you represent the Asylum Server. When playing as a police officer or a civilian, you should always strive to set a good example to all players.

As a whitelisted player, you are held to a higher standard and are expected to know and obey the server rules. If you are found violating the rules of the server, you can expect to receive more harsh punishment.

Any Questions should be directed to Senior APD Staff.