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The Training Team

The APD Training Team is a prestigious group of officers who pride themselves on keeping up to date with APD policies and who work tirelessly to provide high-quality training sessions available to APD officers.

The APD Training Team's goal is to provide training and information to all officers to help them better their skills, learn new information, and (most of all) have fun!

Training Officers can be identified by their whistle icon on TeamSpeak and Mock Ridealong Certified officers can be identified by their police cap icon on TeamSpeak.

Mock Certification

Training Officers also conduct the Mock Certification Exam. This is a difficult exam on APD policies that is conducted in TeamSpeak.

Upon completing this exam, Constables and Corporals become certified to conduct mock ridealongs with Cadets. It is not an easy exam, so be ready to study our policies well in preparation.

Contact a Training Officer if you are interested in becoming Mock Certified or click here

Training Calendar

Below is the Training Calendar which denotes all past and upcoming trainings.

  • The most recent trainings are displayed first.
  • Trainings typically last about 45 mins.
  • Trainings are held on the Training Server (not one of the standard precinct servers.)
  • Note that some training sessions are for specific ranks only.
  • If you are a Cadet, attending a training may reduce your Cadet Week period by up to one day.
  • Training Calendar

Training Team Roster

Training Team Leader

  • Lieutenant Painbringa112
    • Lieutenant ColtonB205
    • Lieutenant Nick

Training Officers

  • Sergeant BilboBaggins
  • Corporal J. Lucky

SWAT Trainers

  • Sergeant Nathan
  • Sergeant J. Lucky

Training Topics

  • Identifying Threats
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Traffic Patrols
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Federal Reserve
  • Bank of Altis
  • Prison Break
  • Leadership
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Aviation Tactics
  • General Roleplay
  • Vehicle Pursuit